Happy Halloween from our greedy king!

photo 4

There is no princess, fairy or even Dora in the McYong household this Halloween. That would be way too obvious for our Princess. Meet the “greedy king”. He is a character in Addison’s favourite Dora book and she was adamant that is what she wanted to be for Halloween. Thanks to Auntie Jen for creating the awesome costume!


Greedy King in “Dora and the Crystal Kingdom”

photo 1

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We tried trick or treating on Saturday on Cambie Street. It didn’t go well initially – there were a lot of tears and some foot stomping. But once I managed to drag Addison to the first retailer and she saw how this process worked, she was hooked. She seems more excited about the collection aspect of trick or treating, not so much the eating of the candy. There have been several sessions of candy-sorting over the past few days, and after tonight’s Halloween adventures, I’m sure this will continue to be the current obsession.

photo 2

photo 2

Hope you and your “greedy kings” have a safe Halloween!
Elaine, Aaron and the Greedy King

7 thoughts on “Happy Halloween from our greedy king!

  1. Do have fun with the “Greedy King”…. too cute 🙂 Brings back so many happy memories of trick or treating with my kids years ago…. ❤

  2. I can only imagine how much she enjoyed the collecting!!! (And sorting!!!!!) 🙂 glad the Greedy king had a had a happy Halloween!!

  3. Brings back all kinds of wonderful memories with my kids. Enjoy all the fun…collecting, sorting, counting, sorting…..She hardly looks like a greedy King but she sure looks she’s having fun!

  4. Isn’t Halloween a great kid event! I remember Abby struggling with the concept … the first house we visited she promptly walked in and sat on their sofa … assuming we were simply there for a visit. Once she caught on to the plopping of “stuff” into her little pumpkin candy bag … she was off to the races!
    Glad to hear and read that all is going well.

  5. totally off the subject – BUT Your little king for the night was just on global and she is even more adorable “in person”

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