Addison’s new friends – transplant superstars unite!

Hélène Campbell - lung transplant buddy

Hélène Campbell – lung transplant buddy

Katie liver donor and Knuffle Bunny - Addison was too busy playing

Katie, living liver donor, and Knuffle Bunny – Addison was too busy playing

Darvy - lung transplant buddy

Darvy – lung transplant buddy

If you happened to be down by the Convention Centre around noon on Sunday, you might have seen a gathering of superstars. We had a Sunday brunch date with the who’s who of the transplant world and it was a great time. Hélène Campbell, double lung transplant recipient and famous from her two appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, in in town on a cross-country tour to promote organ donation. Darvy Culleton, another lung-transplant recipient, is one of BC Transplant’s poster boys. And Katie Powell is a superstar donor who gave part of her liver to her brother. Talk about an inspiring group of people! Addison proudly showed off her scar to everyone and we all compared notes on meds, life pre-transplant, life post-surgery.

Playing hide and seek with Hélène

Playing hide and seek with Hélène


Since Halloween it’s been nonstop action for the McYongs. I was out of town again for my transplant series – last trip! Cameraman Sergio and I went down to North Carolina to visit the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine. It was a quick trip – only 3 days – and of course the Princess didn’t seem to miss me at all. It’s funny because before I leave, I talk to her about where I’m going, when I’m going to be back, and who is going to be coming to look after her. Then I promise to bring back a special treat. She is very excited about the special treat and we talk about it on FaceTime or over the phone while I’m gone, but when I get home, she completely forgets about the treat and never asks for it again. I have built up a good supply of emergency special treats in my closet now.

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We are also now at the beginning of flu season. Please get immunized. Even if you don’t want to do it for yourself, consider the people around you. There could be immune-suppressed people you come into contact with who really cannot take the chance on getting sick. If Addison gets the flu, we will end up in the hospital.

Be brave Daddy!

Be brave Daddy!

After Addison had her flu shot last week, we told her she could hold Mommy and Daddy’s hands while we got our shots to make sure we didn’t cry. She did such a good job. It didn’t hurt at all.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

PS Did anyone get a special delivery from BC Children’s Hospital Foundation these past couple of weeks???

IMG_3188 IMG_3048

3 thoughts on “Addison’s new friends – transplant superstars unite!

  1. Was the lunch for a transplant group? We did not hear about it & would have loved to meet everyone & be inspired by them. Flu shots here we come soon! Andrew has had a couple colds so far this fall – nasty & taken about 4 weeks to get over each one. Everyone please wash your hands regularly (30 seconds of lathering) & get your flu shot.

    Haven’t seen the info from BCCH yet. Looking forward to it though. I delivered a speech at a special BCCHF event last week – not many dry eyes in the house.. 🙂

  2. How cool that all these transplant superstars could meet and get to know each other!!! I look forward to seeing your series of transplant stories – hope I’ll have access to them here in HK! Addison is such a lucky princess to have so many people to keep her entertained and amused while you are gone! 🙂 Cherish those mommy/Addie date days, right? 🙂

  3. Flu shot, check. I wish people would wash their hands more and be more aware of how often they touch their faces/noses in public and then, hand something to me – like a library card or a book. Ew.

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