A reason to watch Global BC’s News Hour next week

I have spent nine nights away from Addison (but who’s counting?), countless hours on the computer at night and on the weekends, plus I have given up my free time for phone interviews, extra shoots and meetings. But at the end, it’s really all been for my feisty little daughter. 16 months after I first decided to apply for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Journalism Award, the fruits of my labour are going to air on Global BC starting Monday. I am almost more relieved than anything because daily news reporters aren’t used to hanging on to one topic for this long. However, I suppose this is a topic that will always be a part of my life.

Addison November 2013 08 17-07-27

Transplant research is on the brink of a transformation. I have interviewed 15 of the best and brightest researchers in North America, talked to some truly inspiring transplant recipients, and most importantly, met our donor family. There have been tears, awe, joy, disappointment, amazement. I walk away from all of this with a great sense of hope. I believe there is hope that one day we can make transplant a cure. I believe one day transplant recipients won’t have to worry about getting cancer, kidney failure, or some incurable virus. I believe one day a transplanted organ will live longer than the recipient.

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I urge you to support research whenever you can. I know there are so many causes that need our attention and money, especially at this time of year, but I know people’s lives are improved every day because of the strides that are made in research. It has been a goal for Aaron and I to do something meaningful to support transplant-specific research, and we have come up with an ambitious goal. Details to come on Monday!

Addison November 2013 08 17-07-44

You can get a preview of the Global BC series on transplant research HERE. We will also be making a guest appearance on the Global Morning Show at around 8:30am on Monday morning. Thanks for watching!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

5 thoughts on “A reason to watch Global BC’s News Hour next week

  1. I am so happy to have you as an ‘Ambassador’ for awareness. You and Aaron have the medium to spread the word and raise awareness and you are doing a fantastic job. When Evanne came out of her 2nd transplant last summer, i was shocked at how quickly the procedure went. Although it had only been 7 short years since her first, they didn’t do transplants “like that” anymore. The advances that had come and those yet to be discovered are incredible…and obtainable. I, too, share your beliefs. With the work and research being done, i also believe there will be a future where transplantation is a cure, and not a trade-in for a whole new set of troubles and fears.
    Excellent work Elaine!!

  2. Elaine, thank you for this information. I have been following your journey for a while now, because my son has cardiomyopathy and his doctors believe he will need a heart transplant at some point in the future. Needless to say, your daughter’s story gives me hope, and you two are obviously amazing parents — a true inspiration. Anyways, I was wondering if you could give me information on how to watch your special down here in California. Will there be a link somewhere? You can email me at jerileehopkins@gmail.com if you want. I’ve been gathering information on transplant research through my son’s doctors here at Stanford as well as the pediatric transplant team at Boston Children’s. You’re right, they are finding some amazing breakthroughs in transplant research.
    Anyway, I look forward to seeing your piece!

  3. Thank you for the heads up Elaine and for dedicating a portion of your life and journalism skills to educating the public. I will have my carton of tissues on hand and be watching. What you and Aaron are doing is so essential to making others aware and makes the jobs of Trauma Nurses and Doctors that much easier. It is very difficult to care for a grieving distraught family when a trauma occurs, never mind broaching the subject of organ donation when it becomes apparent they will not survive. Families need to have these difficult yet important conversations prior to something catastrophic occurring. As a former critical care trauma Nurse my family has discussed organ donation at length and we are all registered to give the gift of life… god forbid we are ever faced with the scenario. Princess Addie is a beautiful example of why this is essential. She is gorgeous, spunky and resilient and I have no doubt she will ” live long and prosper ” ❤

  4. Elaine, thank you for doing this and for going above and beyond…I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labour. It is amazing the places our children will take us!!!

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