In case you missed the first story on Global BC tonight…

Ooooh lip gloss!

Ooooh lip gloss!

I had never planned to include so much of our personal story in my transplant research series, but feedback from the peer reviewers during the CIHR award application process prompted me to reconsider. They wanted to hear more about Addison and said there was a great opportunity to generate more awareness. At the same time, Aaron and I had been discussing the upcoming opportunity to meet Felicia, our donor mom, face-to-face at the Donate Life Walk in Santa Clara. Aaron just looked at me and said, “If this wasn’t your own story, of course you would want to shoot it and use it in your series.” He was absolutely right.

Me and Daddy in makeup at the Global BC studios

Me and Daddy in makeup at the Global BC studios

All these years as a journalist, I have asked so many people to bare their souls, share their deepest fears, witness personal triumphs, shed tears of sadness and joy…all while a camera is rolling. So now it’s my turn. Thank you so much for the tweets, emails and messages of support. You make me feel empowered that we are making a difference.

Morning show star!

Morning show star!

Watch the first story in my transplant research series HERE. And in case you missed it in the previous post, you can donate to The Addison Fund for transplant research HERE. This is going to be a life-long project for the McYongs so I welcome any suggestions on how we can make this happen.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

6 thoughts on “In case you missed the first story on Global BC tonight…

  1. Thanks for sharing the Global News story…I missed it. As always you tell the story so well…with tenderness and heartfelt. You are an amazing parents and an inspiration for many. Take care.

  2. Elaine – I have been waiting and waiting to see this story…I know this is the first story of five that will surely touch many people’s hearts….congratulations on a great start to your series. And Felicia…you are amazing!!!!! 🙂

  3. It was warm, personal yet very factual and informative. Very well done indeed😄
    Your story and your journalistic passion are a powerful force. All the best with the series and the fund.

  4. because you are making a difference!It is a different dynamic to share from your
    own, especially when your professional focus is on sharing the stories of others..
    keep on, keeping on.Your message is resinating.xx

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