‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the McYong house…

…no toddlers were stirring, not even the Princess. At least that’s my master plan for tonight. Addison keeps saying, “Christmas is coming!” I am sure she has no idea exactly what that means or when that’s supposed to happen…just sometime soon.

Addison December 2013 01 17-15-52

As always, my little girl never ceases to impress me. While most other parents have lived through the horror of a screaming child who refuses to go near Santa Claus, Addison had no problems with her close encounter. She happily sat on his lap twice in the same night, even hamming it up for the camera. (Now try to get her to cooperate with a grabby little baby and that’s another story entirely.)

Unfortunately, she has started to figure out the jolly old elf is the distributor of presents, which somehow magically appear under the Christmas tree. Every time we’ve asked her what she wants from Santa, she’s said, “I don’t know.” Until Sunday afternoon. Now she’s convinced she’ll be getting a Clifford the Big Red Dog for being a good girl. Momma is used to working magic but finding an obscure red dog stuffie with two shopping days left until the big day?? Clifford is out of date in the world of toys. Angry Birds? Absolutely. Dusty Crophopper? Your choice from a vast array of goodies. Let’s put it this way…I am really hoping a 2 3/4 year old is ok with exercising her imagination a little.

There will be another last-minute gift under the tree on Wednesday morning. On Monday, Aaron took Addison to the Vancouver Aquarium where they sat down to watch the 4D movie, a short Christmas version of “Ice Age”. Our little girl was fine with the rumbling seats, the special glasses, and the spraying mist in her face. What she was vehemently opposed to was the missing nut. I have never actually watched the full-length movie but the plot line involves some squirrel who keeps losing his nut. The Princess refused to accept this. She started yelling at the top of her lungs, “The nut! The NUT! THE NUT!!!!!!” Aaron says they had to unceremoniously duck out of the theatre. Since then, Addison has been quite inconsolable about the nut. Now she wants to feed all her animals nuts. I think it’s a bid to make up for the poor squirrel’s lost nut. While rushing around trying to find a freaking red dog, I stumbled across the perfect squirrel-related gift. I have newfound respect for toy store employees. When I walked in, panicked, demanding anything remotely resembling a red dog and/or a squirrel and nut combo, they did not bat an eyelash.

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Can’t wait for Christmas morning!


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

5 thoughts on “‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the McYong house…

  1. Merry Christmas to the McYong Clan from Victoria…. ❤ reading your stories about Addison and it is so awesome to see her healthy and happy and thriving ! Long live Princess Addie… she has much to show and teach the world…. Wishing you health and happiness during our festive season…. ❤ from the Thorpe Clan….

  2. Yes, poor Scrat always losing his nut and breaking things! Wishing you a happy day, think of me while I’m sipping sparkling and having a splash in the pool in Townsville 😉

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