Bonjour France!

On our first morning on France’s Basque coast, Addison looked at me and asked, “Momma, are you going to work today?” I said, “Hell no!” – in my head – and I explained to the Princess I would have to take three planes to get to work. She giggled and thought that was simply outrageous.

We are enjoying a two week great French adventure, starting with a week and a half at our “France House”, as our toddler has dubbed our home exchange in Anglet. It hasn’t been all la vie en rose…there were some stressful moments in our 22 hours of travel to get here (i.e. sleep-resistant defiant child who chose to scream in her exhausted agony instead of simply closing her eyes and giving up), but the short term pain is always worth it!

Already, we have feasted on amazing bread, yummy meat, fresh croissants, delicious stinky cheeses and 3 Euro bottles of wine. The Princess does often seem more interested in playing in her bottom bunk bed with the new animals she has found in our exchange house rather than sightseeing, but we bribe her with pastries.

Travel with our heart transplant baby keeps getting easier and less anxiety-ridden. We have become pretty good at packing all the medications and figuring out the time change conversions. This trip has an extra little twist because daylight savings time takes place right in the middle. I remember our very first family trip to Italy two years ago – definitely a lot more nerves and paranoia about many little and big things. Now, I am much better at not sweating the small stuff…maybe it’s that French laissez-faire attitude rubbing off?

Au revoir!
Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “Bonjour France!

  1. Addison is adorable, as usual. Glad you are having fun and enjoying a different culture. Must say that the channel has disgustingly dirty water. Yuck.

  2. So glad that despite the painful flight there, you guys are all finding your ways (croissants, bunk bed/animals, 3 euro wine, cheeses) to enjoy the beautiful French culture! 🙂 Relax, kick-back and have a great time! 🙂

  3. That croissant picture made my tummy growl! Good to see you’re hitting the streets rain or shine. XLR connector…are you guys shooting too?

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