350 reasons to say yes to organ donation – a lesson from Paris

I have been privileged to enjoy many proud Momma moments watching my little baby girl survive and thrive in the past 2 years and 11 months. Tonight yet again Addison blew me away with her tenacity and drive to reach the top..literally.

Thanks to Gustave Eiffel, the Princess has been entranced with the most famous landmark in Paris (and all of France) for quite some time. Every time she sees the Eiffel Tower – whether it’s in a book, at a store, on a poster, in a sign – she has to tell us, “It’s the Eiffel Tower!” When we booked the trip to France, we told her we were going to Paris and we’d get to see the Eiffel Tower. She was most excited.

After ten fantastic days exploring Pays Basque in France’s deepest southwestern corner, we arrived in the City of Lights for the weekend before our flight home on Monday. First stop – you guessed it! We weren’t able to book tickets for the Tower elevator in advance because they were already sold out online, so we were prepared to do the stair climb to the second floor to avoid the long line. We were also expecting Daddy power to get the Princess up those 704 steps.

Well we were proven wrong by our headstrong daughter. Addison was so excited about being at the Tower, she proceeded to march up those stairs on her own, refusing any help except a little hand-holding. We kept waiting for her to throw up her arms in exhaustion with a pleading, “Carry me!”, but on and on she went.

50 stairs…then 100 stairs…past 200…up and up she just continued motoring along. I couldn’t believe my little almost 3 year old was passing several adults who clearly stil had their own hearts (though maybe not functioning at 100% haha). I wanted to shout out at all the people we left in the dust, “…and she’s a heart transplant recipient too!!!!” But I thought that would make them feel even worse than simply being outpaced by a toddler.

So the Princess climbed up 328 stairs to the first floor of the Eiffel Tower all by her big girl self. Then she did another four flights or so heading up to the second floor before her little legs were too tired. That’s more than 350 stairs. 350!!!!!!!

Call it 350 more reasons why organ donation works.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

6 thoughts on “350 reasons to say yes to organ donation – a lesson from Paris

  1. Aaron, Elaine and especially Addison, our friend Chad was given his pager 2 days ago and is now waiting for “the call.” Thank You, all three of you for this! I will pass this on to Chad and his wife Ashley (Aaron I think you met her here). I know it wasn’t Jason cause he doesn’t do the Malahat! Every now and then they will need a little pick me up, I believe Addison is exactly what the Doctor ordered!

  2. Oh wow!!!!!!!!! I def couldn’t have done that!!!! Amazing Addison!!!!! I’m so excited for her that she got to see / experience the Eiffel Tower!!! 🙂 glad you got to see it at night!!! Did u see the sparkles????

  3. WOW…. way to go Princess Addie… another metaphorical mountain you have climbed…. ❤ all your travel blogs… good health and happiness to the McYongs….

  4. Headstrong versus jelly legs! What an effort for her that must have been so fun to be a part of. Personally I am still in shock that the elevator rides get booked out online…oh the memories of waiting in the sweaty line up for hours…the sights (and smells) of Paris!

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