The France Top 5 (according to @weheartaddison)

1. So many carousels. So little time. There was the pink swan in San Sebastian (I know, technically not France), the ancient giraffe at Jardin du Luxembourg, the pink princess coach at the Eiffel Tower, another giraffe by the beach in Anglet, the baby horse at Parc de la Villette, and a white horse with pink saddle in Montmartre.

France March 2014 11 08-16-21

2. The baguettes. And the macarons. And the croissants. And the raspberry tarts. Yummy meat and cheese too.


France March 2014 15 03-51-22

3. The bike ride along the oceanside in Anglet to the riverside in Bayonne. My first time in a big girl bike seat! Daddy promised to get me one in Vancouver.


4. Jumping the waves and burying feet on the beaches of Pays Basque. It was even fun after I fell into the waves.

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5. The Eiffel Tower experience. I climbed up 350 steps past the first floor all by myself! (Read my Momma’s post HERE.)

Au revoir!

3 thoughts on “The France Top 5 (according to @weheartaddison)

  1. Just precious! I love that she knows where things are (the carousels) on the map of Paris you have! That is really cool… I love how she says Montmartre too!!!!! HA! It’s cute how she is in awe with the Eiffel Tower! When I saw it, I was like…”That’s it?????? THAT is the Eiffel Tower????????” Sadly not that impressed…until night time with the lights and sparkles! 🙂 You have a well-travelled little girl……:) 🙂 🙂

  2. I can’t get over the carousel – impressive. One little girl is going to have lots of memories for “show and tell” when she starts school (or do they still do that – lol) You all look so happy and relaxed.

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