The Princess, a pony and a penguin cake – a big weekend ahead!

Good job Daddy! 100km!!

Good job Daddy! 100km!!

Where does time go? I know I said I would savour every moment with Addison once we got through her transplant, but life becomes so normal at times, it’s almost a little frightening. I don’t want to forget how absolutely terrifying it was to watch our newborn baby struggle through every precious beat of her tiny heart. But I am also grateful the human brain has the capacity to overcome such trauma and move on with living.

Where's Addison? I love hiding!

Where’s Addison? I love hiding!

For the first year or so, I refused to think beyond the immediate future. I didn’t dream about Addison’s first steps, her first words, her first day of kindergarten. I just couldn’t go there. But now, nearly three years later, I find myself making plans, thinking about “normal” things such as which neighbourhood school is best, will that winter coat fit her next year, and dreaming about our promised 10 year transplant trip to Africa. I have hope.

Shaking my booty with Bobs and Lolo on the Sunday Morning News

Shaking my booty with Bobs and Lolo on the Sunday Morning News

There is always a small cloud hanging over my heart. Every once in a while, it breaks out into a huge storm that shakes my core and reminds me of the harsh reality of life with a transplant child. But then the sun comes out again. And thankfully, our little world has a lot more sunshine then Vancouver’s annual allotment!

With my friend Alex - the queen and king of the world!

With my friend Alex – the queen and king of the world!

So this weekend, we celebrate another huge milestone for our amazing little Princess. Tomorrow, she turns three!! By request, there will be pony rides and a penguin cake. Then on Sunday, we will be taking part in our third Transplant Trot to raise awareness for organ donation.

The forecast is calling for blue skies and sunshine the whole weekend.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

PS It’s not too late to sign up for the Transplant Trot. Just show up on Sunday morning at Deer Lake in Burnaby to be part of TEAM ADDISON!


9 thoughts on “The Princess, a pony and a penguin cake – a big weekend ahead!

  1. Happy 3rd birthday Addison. We love hearing about your adventures and wish you a very happy and healthy year. Enjoy your ‘ big weekend ‘ and your ‘ big life ‘. You are an amazing little Princess and it is a privilege to have you share your stories with us. Much ❤ and don't forget to make your birthday wishes !


  2. Happy third birthday Addison. I love hearing about all your adventures and hope your day is magical.
    Thanks Elaine and Aaron for sharing your little girl with us- you inspire me!

  3. What a way to celebrate her 3rd bday!!!!!!! I’m looking forward to hearing what her future requests wil be….Dora last year, pony rides this year….princess Addie def knows what to ask for!! 🙂 have a great weekend! So many things to celebrate!!! 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Addison and I did find one hand sticking out of the pile ! You do an excellent job of hiding. Have lots of fun

  5. Thank you Elaine for coming out to Abbotsford and doing a wonderful interview and story about Emily
    support has been overwhelming. in the building, church and in the general community. Hope things for change?
    Thinking over you Arron and your little Addison
    Marilou, Michael, Ellie Marie and Emily Blundell

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