Team Addison at the 2014 Transplant Trot!

Transplant Trot 2014-04-13 10-40-38

The only disappointment at today’s third annual Transplant Trot was our missed meeting with Sidney the Kidney. Apparently Sidney was very busy helping with race stuff so we didn’t get a chance to see him and give him a hug. Addison was very sad but we placated her with the proimse we’d see him again next year.

Transplant Trot 2014-04-13 10-01-58

This year, the Princess was asked to present the youth award to Robbie Thompson from Comox. He’s had two heart transplants in his young life and he is a huge advocate for organ donation awareness. We practised handing over the medal last night and it was an (almost) flawless performance this morning.

We were also excited to see the debut of BC Transplant’s new ad campaign. Addison is one of this year’s poster girls and we are pleased there is a focus on pediatric transplant. Up until now, all the promotional materials only featured adult recipients and donors. Aaron and I were hoping they’d choose a picture featuring just our little superstar, but no, it didn’t work out that way. Apparently we are going to be on the side of a bus too!

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Thank you again to our amazing friends, coworkers and family who were part of Team Addison this year. Together we can help register even more people as organ donors.

Transplant Trot 2014-04-13 11-42-38

Elaine, Aaron and Addison


5 thoughts on “Team Addison at the 2014 Transplant Trot!

  1. Looks like another successful year for the transplant trot!!!! Gorgeous weather again!!! Addison looks like she had a blast! The poster of you guys is awesome!!!! We will all continue doing what we can to raise organ donation awareness!!!

  2. Princess Addison, I love your sparkly streamers on your bike….they sparkle just like you do ! You sure have had an action packed fun weekend… thank you to you and your parents, for helping to spread organ donation awareness… I love the poster and look forward to seeing it on BC Transit buses. ❤ and hugs to the birthday girl 🙂

  3. Well she did her best with that fine head of hair to negotiate! It’s my dream come true to have a friend on the side of a bus, now I have 3 😉 That’ll do wonders to raise awareness. Wow your family makes beautiful kids.

  4. Despite our absence at the “Transplant Trot” we remain huge supporters of “Team Addison” and will be there next year for sure!
    Happy Birthday Addison. Oh how sweet is three.

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