Balloons for Audrey

Addison April 2014 30 09-55-28

Today would have been Audrey’s third birthday. It’s hard to think about that without picturing what she would have been like as a crazy toddler. I’m sure she would have loved Dora, just like Addison. She probably would have giggled over bubbles, just like Addison. Audrey would have been running, jumping and talking our ears off, just like Addison. Whenever we celebrate Addison’s birthday, we know it’s followed just two and half weeks later by Audrey’s birthday. It seems too bittersweet but maybe life is supposed to be like that – a reminder of the highest highs and the lowest lows we experienced three years ago in the hospital.

Addison April 2014 30 09-53-53

As you know, Audrey only lived six days. But in her short lifetime, she changed our lives forever. So to follow a tradition Audrey’s mom Felicia started last year, this morning we sent three balloons up to the sky for Audrey, in honour of her third birthday.

Sweetheart, we think of you everyday. Thank you thank you thank you for your incredible gift.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison


3 thoughts on “Balloons for Audrey

  1. Thinking about Audrey’s family today. Thanking them for their unimaginably generous gift.
    Have a special day princess!!😃

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