How one person CAN make a difference


A couple of months ago, I received an email from a Grade 10 student at a Vancouver high school, asking me if I would be a guest speaker at a special event he was organizing to raise awareness about organ donation. Wow. I was impressed. At an age when most are convinced they will live forever, I was really struck by this young man’s dedication to a cause so near and dear to my heart.

Turns out Simon Krakovsky has never been personally affected by organ transplant but after hearing stories on the news, including Addison’s journey, he was moved to take action. “Having a musical background and many musically talented friends, I decided to merge my passion for music and giving back to the community in one major event.” And that’s how this Friday evening’s Baroquen Strings concert at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School came together. Simon has commandeered his friends and classmates to perform a wide range of music to inspire and motivate – from Baroque to 21st Century pieces on the piano, cello and saxophone. Tickets are just $10 each.

I will be speaking at the beginning of the evening, but unfortunately won’t be able to stay very long as Aaron and I are also guests at another charity event that night. However, we really wanted to support Simon’s efforts because the only way we are going to change our dismal rate of organ donor registration is by galvanizing the next generation to accept it as ‘the norm’. We need the concept to become entrenched in the way we think about life and death so there is no hesitation if you are ever asked about organ donation at a loved one’s bedside.


Here’s the ironic part of this story. Simon is only 15 years old. To register as an organ donor, he technically needs his parents’ permission!! Just goes to show you there really are no excuses for each and every one of us to do our part.

Hope to see you on Friday night.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison


3 thoughts on “How one person CAN make a difference

  1. Major props to Simon … our world is full of inspiring young people and this just reinforces that … hope it is a resounding success and so sorry i do not live in Vancouver. Having watched all the global and local community projects my two children were involved in during high school and university days, I know we are in good hands. We have taught them to be caring, empathetic and involved and led by example. As my daughter would often say ” Be the Change ” … wise words from a wise man. ❤

  2. How awesome – GO SIMON!!!!!! That is so great that he’s doing this to take action to help spread the word about organ donations!!!!!

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