Hanging at the hospital – two days of fun ahead!

It is kind of like a long weekend…Aaron and I have today off and I am off on Monday. But aside from a weekend of Mother’s Day activities, our most exciting destination is BC Children’s Hospital. We are on our way there right now for a day of neonatal follow up appointments, including audiology, physiotherapy, speech and language. It is actually a fun day with no needles and pain, especially compared to Monday. Another dreaded biopsy looms upon us. But I am trying not to think about that too much until I have to.

Addison is firmly in the “I can do it myself” phase, including administering her own meds. It is pretty cute…and a little sad at the same time.

photo 1

I can do it myself!


photo 2

Aaaaaah such is life on the transplant journey. We’ll take every bittersweet moment.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “Hanging at the hospital – two days of fun ahead!

  1. She is sooo wonderful. I remember Desi giving herself her medicine. Love you all grandma Juliette

  2. Entering day six of having my Dad in hospital, and I empathize so much with you guys having been through this experience. Not that end of life is ANYTHING like being there with a 3 year old. And when I say end of life, I don’t mean we’re quite there yet, but it’s coming, you know? What is amazing is the fantastic care you get from doctors, nurses, therapists, and so on. We really are incredibly blessed. People actually complain about our medical care system, but I have to say we have nothing but positive experiences in dealing with my extremely elderly and frail Dad. Blessings and good wishes to all three of you.

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