Tick tock tick tock…now we wait for biopsy results!

At least the waiting game ahead of us doesn’t come with any risks of complications from the anesthetic and catheter. That makes it a bit easier. Plus I have gotten much better at not stressing over things which I can’t control. Ok, I can see Aaron rolling his eyes at me…of course I am still a worrier so I don’t completely let go. But what mom would be able to go about her daily routine completely blasé to pending test results?

Addison likes to keep her doctors on their toes and today’s biopsy was no exception. Access was a bit tricky so they had to poke her multiple times to finally get the right spot. Unfortunately, that left the Princess with a much-larger-than-pea-size bruise around her left subclavian, looking rather like a pincushion. Then they also did a stress ECHO while she was under to see how well her heart muscles are working. It was another full day at BCCH.

The Princess was groggy in recovery, but Popsicles helped, along with a few episodes of Dora, and the promise of cupcakes. By this evening, she was back to her usual antics. I kept asking her if her shoulder bruise hurt because our nurse had advised we give Addison an extra Tylenol dose before bedtime, but she told me repeatedly, “Momma, my bruise is feeling much better!”

Enjoying my post-biopsy cupcake treat!

Enjoying my post-biopsy cupcake treat!

We should know by Wednesday if there is any rejection, though our cardiologist says all other signs today look great. We are hoping for another ZERO because that will really set the course for treatment. Addison’s extremely low dose of Tacrolimus has been a bit of an unknown and the biopsy will confirm that rejection isn’t an issue for her. This will likely mean longer intervals between Transplant Clinic, and possibly even fewer biopsies. That would be a huge relief in so many ways. The doctors are slowly losing access through her left subclavian so in a couple more catheter procedures, we will likely be looking at going in through her liver, which has higher risks.

But I’m not going to get too ahead of myself. The important thing is we successfully got through our fourth biopsy today!!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

5 thoughts on “Tick tock tick tock…now we wait for biopsy results!

  1. Hi little sweet family. Yes indeed you were getting ahead if your self. One step at a time no worries she is strong she is beautiful she is healthy. Hug her and kiss her for us the Jones /Andrews family. I envision with prayers a good results All good. All zeros no rejection. Take care if you too with love, Grandma Juliette

  2. Hoping and praying that the results are a big, fat ZERO!!!!! That cupcake treat looks DELICIOUS!! Well-deserved Addie!!! You really are so brave!!!!! A couple of weeks ago, I was complaining about my c-section stitches, and Lao Lao just scoffed and me and said, “Just think about Addison!!!”

  3. I’ve followed Addison’s journey since the beginning and think what you and Aaron do by sharing is incredible. You two seem to be very brave and so does she. Good luck going forward.

  4. Thinking of you guys and hoping and praying for great results. Best to all of you – enjoy the sunshine!!

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