Tick tock…waiting waiting waiting on biopsy day

“I only like the fun appointments!” Addison was not thrilled about our return to the hospital this morning. Even though we didn’t specify exactly what was happening – namely the IV needle in her hand – she seemed to sense it was not going to be a cupcake and ice cream kind of morning.

We talked up the post recovery Popsicles a lot. And the movies and popcorn when we get home from the hospital. Plus ice cream and cupcakes. And whatever else we could promise to make it a little better.

Sigh. I still hate that moment when the anesthetic takes effect and Addison goes limp in my arms. This time when I said, “I love you big girl,” she said, “I love you too momma,” as she clung to my arms. Now we wait.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

PS Hope everyone had a beautiful Mother’s Day!

5 thoughts on “Tick tock…waiting waiting waiting on biopsy day

  1. Sending positive thoughts to you guys! I know how hard that is to hand over your child, but hang in there! She’ll be back and asking for those popsicles and cupcakes in no time! And happy Mother’s Day!

  2. God Bless you my friend, this anxiety, it’s never easy, it never gets better, it is always worrysome, but the outcome will bring so much joy!!! Dez has her “last” biopsy on July 15th. I know how you feel and understand. No matter they’re age, it is always rough…. Love you all my friends/transplant family and I am thinking of you. xo

  3. 😦 good luck to the mcyongs as you have to wait…Addie is so brave!!! Hope all those treats help her feel a bit better!!!! Thinking about you all…!!!

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