I’m a big fat ZERO!!!! Woohoo! Bring on the celebration cupcakes.

Addison May 2014 08 12-48-00

While Aaron may have just assumed we’d get great biopsy results, I was not prepared to breathe a sigh of relief until I got the official numbers. This morning our transplant nurse gave us the great news – another ZERO! This means the heart tissue samples they took from Addison on Monday show NO signs of rejection. The Princess joined me in a cheer, “I’m a big fat zero!” Then she promptly decided we should have a cupcake party to celebrate.

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This is now Addison’s third biopsy with zero rejection, which is really fantastic. Though not to rain all over my own parade, but as my dear husband jokingly pointed out this morning, the tissue samples they take are so small they would fit on the end of a pen. That means the biopsy can only conclusively say there is no rejection on those samples, not necessarily the rest of the heart. Until the blood biomarker test is approved and ready for paediatric patients (it is in clinical validation for adults right now), this invasive procedure is the most accurate measure of rejection and a necessary evil for all transplant patients. Just one big example of why it’s so important to us to continue supporting research.

Addison May 2014 08 12-47-10

But right now we are going to celebrate Addison’s continued good health. Feeling so fortunate we can have yet another cupcake.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison


8 thoughts on “I’m a big fat ZERO!!!! Woohoo! Bring on the celebration cupcakes.

  1. Whoo hoo bring on the cupcakes… Congratulations on being a big fat ZERO Princess Addie … long may you reign 🙂

  2. Wow that’s great news! So pleased and really puts it all into perspective – I needed a reminder of that, thanks. Ha ha, I thought the boo-boo was cupcake icing!

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