Give me your money…PLEASE!

For the third year in a row, Addison was one of the superstars of BC Children Hospital’s Miracle Weekend. We are always so honoured to take part in such a special fundraising event to support our ‘second home’. Woohoo to all the donors who generously gave $18 million dollars to the province’s only pediatric hospital!!


Ring those phones! (And give me your money…please!!)

We had such a great time hosting on Sunday morning and visiting with other patient families who have become near and dear to our hearts. The Princess did have a moment of on-air poutiness when I told her she had to wait a minute to go run around the play house, but she stole the show when she demanded, “Give me your money…please!” I’d like to think there were many donors out there who couldn’t say no to a cheeky 3-year old.

We all had a chance to shake our booties to Pharrell William’s infectious “Happy”, which should be dubbed the McYong theme song. You’ll see why…here is the MW promo that was shot a couple of months ago:

And here is our impromptu performance just before air time on Sunday:

However, Aaron and I had the very special privilege of accepting another cheque on Friday that really touched us. A friend and coworker came up to us a few months ago and asked for more information about the Addison Fund we have set up to raise money for transplant research. Turns out his son’s daycare in Coquitlam fundraises money every year to donate to a local cause. He suggested our little venture to the head of the daycare and last week at the end of year carnival, the Parkland Players Daycare presented to us a cheque for $500!!!! Wow. We are just blown away by the generosity of families who don’t even know us. A huge thank you to the Parkland Players!

IMG_0016 IMG_0012

Addison loved the big cheque. She read it out loud to us…”This says ‘I love momma’, ‘I love dadda’, ‘I love lao-lao’, ‘I love gong-gong’…” And I definitely agree that it represented a lot of love.


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “Give me your money…PLEASE!

  1. This blog post makes me smile!!!!! Love the dancing, love the smiles, love the pictures and love all the generosity by all the people who have donated!!!!!!! How great of Parkland Players to collect money for the Addison Fund!!!! 🙂

  2. Love seeing Addison’s cheeky happy smile … I never miss this event… and despite all the tears I shed … some of sadness but mostly with joy and inspiration, seeing and hearing the children’s stories … and the grand total always blows my mind !!! … we live in a wonderful province 🙂

  3. Love love love the video. I think I will watch it every morning for inspiration for the day. Addison is a natural in front of the camera. When will she start taking on reporting k=jobs?

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