Happy Father’s Day! ❤ Addison

My present for Daddy

My present for Daddy

“I will start loving Daddy tomorrow!” was Addison’s emphatic comment yesterday when we talked about Father’s Day. She is firmly in a ‘Momma’ phase right now which means unfortunately, Daddy often gets relegated to second-class citizen around here, even though he spends most of the weekdays attending to the Princess’ every whim.

Holding Daddy's hand while he gets blood taken.

Holding Daddy’s hand while he gets blood taken.

Here are a few of her best Daddy one-liners:

“I will listen to you because I want to watch Monsters Inc.”

“When can I drive the car?”

“You are damaged like the Grinch.”

“I am mad at you.” (They were late for hiking club.)

When asked, “Why do you love Daddy?”
Addison’s one-word answer is perfect, “Because.”

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing hard-working Daddies!!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

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