Happy days of summer!

Addison June 2014 22 18-46-11

It seems as if the summer has suddenly hit us…BAM. We have had a hectic schedule since my last post on Father’s Day, plus our internet was down for a week. There has only been one little medical stop for blood work – all numbers looking excellent – in between Canada Day, lots of bike rides, barbecues, gardening, sprinkler fun.

We also squeezed in a long weekend house exchange to Portland. Addison got to try out a tandem bike trailer for the first time as we took part in a 9-mile Parkways ride in one neighbourhood of the city. She was immediately hooked. Of course when we got home, Aaron went out and found one for her.

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We are now getting ready for our big summer adventure – a trip to Haida Gwaii. Every day Addison packs her suitcase with the essentials – sandals, colouring books, her penguins, sometimes a little play food too. This girl likes to be prepared for everything.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “Happy days of summer!

  1. She likes to be prepared-just like her momma!!!!! So happy to hear and see all the summer fun you fuys have been having!! 🙂 yeah!!! Have a great time in Haida gwaii!!

  2. Lorikeets in Oregon!? I couldn’t believe my eyes. Wow, cuteness overload. If she’s anything like my little girl I bet you can’t get her out of the ballerina outfit day or night.

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