Team Addison’s most ambitious event to date – what are you doing August 24?

Forget a little 5k walk, it’s go big or go home for Team Addison. We are proudly (or foolishly) excited to announce details of the first ever Golden Sombrero Ride for Research. (Ask Aaron about the Golden Sombrero reference or read THIS webpage.)

This will be a test event for what we are hoping will grow to become an annual ride that raises lots and lots of money for transplant research through the Addison Fund. Right now, it’s really just a two-man event – Aaron and his cycling buddy Adam (who also happens to work at CTV as an editor). It might just stay that way when you see this crazy 103-mile ride, featuring four peaks on the North Shore. HERE is the full map.

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 9.21.43 PM

We are really hoping other people will join Aaron and Adam…otherwise it seems a little lonely.

Here are the important details:
Golden Sombrero Ride for Research
Sunday, August 24
7:00am start at New Brighton Park in Vancouver
1:00pm finish (approx) with a barbecue at New Brighton Park

Addison and I will have plenty of time to leisurely drive up to the top of each peak and wait with our pompoms, plus snacks and water. I can already see the day when the Princess might join her Daddy. She is already a little bike obsessed – in our garage right now we have a run bike, tricycle, big girl bike with training wheels, bike trailer, bike seat and tandem bike trailer.

Addison July 2014 09 18-34-44

Personally, I think Aaron and Adam are slightly insane but I am willing to support anything that can potentially help make transplant a cure. The goal is to raise just over $1000 to get the Addison Fund to top the 10k mark, bringing us to 20% of our initial goal. I think we can do it!! Anyone who donates money will get a very cute thank you postcard signed by the Princess, as well as our deepest gratitude. Remember, 100% of every dollar you donate will go straight to research. Maybe we could challenge people to donate 50 cents a mile or something like that?

Come on Team Addison!!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison


5 thoughts on “Team Addison’s most ambitious event to date – what are you doing August 24?

  1. Wow!!!!! Crazy but awesome!!!! Wish I could be there to support/ride join for the downhill bits!! 😉 go aaron and Adam!!! (The A team!!!)

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