The Princess takes on Haida Gwaii

Our little adventure-seeking world traveler has gone skinny dipping in the Hecate Strait, eaten fresh crab caught by her Daddy, tried some Haida delicacies (including k’aaw – herring roe on kelp) and hugged a Bill Reid totem pole.
Haida Gwaii has been an incredible beautiful BC vacation so far and we haven’t even gotten to the highlight yet – one week aboard a sail boat through magical Gwaii Haanas. This is a true family vacation because my youngest sister Jennifer and my niece Avery have joined us, along with my parents. Tomorrow my best friend Julie and her family are flying in for the boat expedition. 7 adults and 4 kids…should make for some crazy times!
It’s pretty funny to think about how less paranoid I am on this trip compared to the first. Maybe it’s because we haven’t even left the province and BC Children’s Hospital is in the same time zone. I actually even forgot to bring my digital thermometer!!
We are going into a remote part of this world with absolutely no cell phone service so there will be no posts until we get back home. Hope you have a great week!
Elaine, Aaron and Addison


5 thoughts on “The Princess takes on Haida Gwaii

  1. My friend and I enjoyed meeting your family at Roberta’s traditional Haida dinner on Wednesday night. Yum! We are now back in the land of traffic and noise in Vancouver. I hope you enjoy every minute of the peace and beauty that is Haida Gwaii.

  2. Have a fantastic time … you have all that is important with you … family and the amazing natural beauty that surrounds you … so nice to hear you enjoying life and thriving … GO Princess Addie …. you have so many adventures yet to discover 🙂

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