Haw’aa Haida Gwaii!


Haida Gwaii 2014-07-21 16-44-15

One week on a beautiful sailboat, a ride on a little plane with patoombas (aka pontoons), a swim in the legendary hot springs of Haida Gwaii and four crab dinners – that sums up a few highlights of Addison’s excellent adventures in northern BC. The Princess and her little team of troublemakers (her cousin Avery and friends Adam and Isaac) were amazingly well-behaved and this trip of a lifetime went even better than I expected. Last year when we first started talking about going to Haida Gwaii, Aaron was pretty skeptical, “Do you really want to take a 3 year old on a sailboat for a week?!?” Well you know my answer to that one – “ABSOLUTELY!!!” And of course, I was right. 🙂

Haw’aa is thank you in Haida. A huge haw’aa to our wonderful crew aboard the Ocean Light II, our floating home for a week. You made us feel like family and helped us make more lifetime memories.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison


4 thoughts on “Haw’aa Haida Gwaii!

  1. It so green and lushin up there. Defintely somewhere I want to go. I saw your report on the hotsprings Elaine and low and behold little Addison appeared. All the kids seemed to be having a great time.

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