Give me your money…please! And here’s why….

The crazy cycling duo of Adam and Aaron

The crazy cycling duo of Adam and Aaron

In one week, Aaron will be busting his butt (literally) while he rides up four peaks on the North Shore for his inaugural Golden Sombrero Ride for Research. There actually hasn’t been a single person, other than his equally insane bike riding partner Adam, who thinks this is a good idea. Clearly, we need to revamp for next year so more people will actually participate and hopefully raise bucketfuls of cash for transplant research.

So, since none of you have opted to join in the ride, we will gladly take your donations instead. As Addison so eloquently put it during Miracle Weekend in support of BC Children’s Hospital, “Give me your money…please!!” The goal is a mere $1000 for the Addison Fund at the Transplant Research Foundation of BC and we are only 20% of the way there (if you don’t count our own personal donations). Thank you to the two people who have already made generous donations, but come on Team Addison kick it up a notch! How about a dollar per mile? Or even a quarter per mile? Though fair warning…this is a 100-mile bike ride.

This weekend we were again reminded about the importance of funding research into transplant medicine, especially focused on pediatrics. Addison had a great time at Centennial Beach under the watchful eye of her heart transplant “big sister” Brynn and Brynn’s little sister Olivia. Brynn is about to celebrate her 13th heart birthday in a few weeks!! Brynn had to go to Toronto for her transplant in 2001, but thanks to her mom Carmen’s hard work, not only do our transplant kids have a Multi Organ Transplant Clinic at BCCH, all kids in BC who need life-saving heart transplants can now stay here. At the time of Brynn’s transplant, the statistics were a lot more grim. Research has changed that but transplant still isn’t a cure. We need to make that happen.

Addison and Brynn - 3 years and almost 13 years post transplant!

Addison and Brynn – 3 years and almost 13 years post transplant!

We also spent time with one of the province’s newest heart transplant patients. Logan just received his gift of life last month. He is an amazingly happy baby (except at nighttime when he is supposed to be sleeping, according to his mom) who clearly has a zest for life. This 10-month old should have every opportunity to live a long, healthy life.

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Together we can do it! Addison, Brynn and Logan deserve the best fighting chance possible.
Please donate HERE.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison


4 thoughts on “Give me your money…please! And here’s why….

  1. Cheering for the dynamic duo, Adam and aaron!!!! What a huge challenge you guys are undertaking!! The Gonzalez Yong family will
    Sponsor you $1 / mile!!!!!!! Go team go!! 🙂

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