T-33 hours until #GoldenSombrero time!


Last-minute preparations are madly underway for the big Golden Sombrero Ride for Research on Sunday. This means a lot of furious painting of the cheering section signs by our mini Picasso. Addison is in her “dark phase”, as Aaron jokes, so unfortunately the transplant green I was hoping we’d be using a lot has morphed into an excess of black paint instead. It’s the thought that counts right?



Addison and I will be motoring along in the official Golden Sombrero support vehicle, along with Sheena (Aaron’s crazy riding partner’s wife and editor at Global) and maybe a couple of other cheer squad members. We plan to meet the riders at the top of most peaks, except for Seymour because it will be way too difficult to wrangle a three-year old to be there for 8:30am. I am bringing along a stack of organ donation registration forms we can hand out along the way, plus a bucket for any impromptu donations from passersby.

We have been blown away by the incredible support we have been getting from all of you. What started out as a silly idea to maybe raise a little bit of money for transplant research has far exceeded what we hoped to accomplish. It makes us determined to turn this grassroots non-event into a real bike ride next year so everyone can join us. I really believe we are going to make a difference and we couldn’t do it without your generosity. Let’s keep this momentum going!

Ahhhhh...I made a mess of black paint!!

Ahhhhh…I made a mess of black paint!!

Clean it up!!!!

Clean it up!!!!

Follow along with Sunday’s ride through social media – Addison and I will both be tweeting so you can follow us and look for these hashtags #goldensombrero #transplantresearch. Or if you are on the North Shore, come and cheer on our riders in person. Here is an approximate schedule:
7:00am – Depart New Brighton Park
8:40am – top of Mount Seymour Road
10:00am – top of Mountain Highway
12:15pm – top of Cypress Bowl Road (lunch break at Crazy Raven)
1:30pm – Horseshoe Bay
3:15pm – Grouse Mountain sky ride (top of Nancy Greene Way)
4:00pm – Prospect Point in Stanley Park
4:30 – Finish at New Brighton Park

Thank you Team Addison for being a part of this!!!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison





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