Golden Sombrero DONE!!! Congrats to Team Addison!

Golden Sombrero 2014-08-24 13-31-52

Four peaks, two flat tires, 3000 metres of climbing and 100 miles in one (LONG) day…all for transplant research…DONE! The inaugural Golden Sombrero Ride for Research was a huge success for the riders and the cause. We only lost one of our six riders after the third peak of Cypress, but considering the crazy route, that attrition rate is far better than I expected. And equally as impressive for our grassroots event, so far we have managed to raise almost $1500 for the Addison Fund for transplant research, that’s 50% more than the original goal. THANK YOU to every single person who so generously made a donation. We expect to top that total in the coming days once everyone who has promised to donate money gets their butts in gear (HINT HINT if that is you :).

A huge thank you to our riders – Aaron, Adam, Scott, Trevor, Jay and Derek – who impressed us with their thighs of steel and drive to get to the top. And big high-fives to our dedicated group of volunteer cheerleaders – Sheena, Dannie, and Davide. We spent all day hopscotching across the North Shore to provide support for our riders and we were an awesome team. Extra special thanks to Addison’s heart transplant buddy Andrew and his mom Shannon for meeting us with delicious brownies – still hot from the oven!

Of course, the final word goes to Addison, our inspiration for doing this ride. She was the best cheerleader anyone could ask for, freely handing out the high-fives and entertainment. This morning before we packed the support van full of gear and goodies, I had to give her the usual morning medications. Addison and all other transplant patients take potent anti-rejection drugs for their entire lives. We want to see the day when research finds a way to eliminate the need for these drugs. It’s not too late for you to help us. Donate to the Addison Fund at the Transplant Research Foundation of BC.

We’ve learned a lot today and once everyone is able to walk normally again, we are going to start planning next year’s event. Stay tuned for details and we expect to see Team Addison grow even bigger!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison



4 thoughts on “Golden Sombrero DONE!!! Congrats to Team Addison!

  1. Amazing work to each and every one of you guys! Amazing that there were a few more people to support Adam and Aaron on their ridiculous ride!!!! Addison looked like she had a blast cheering everyone on! Congratulations on a great first-time event!

  2. OMG I didnt realize how crazy this ride was. That is quite the accomlishment. Kudos to Aaron and his team of riders. I must admit, in all my fund raising efforts in years past I have stuck to close to home, low impact, no ccardio methods ha ha ie golf anyone?

  3. Well Done!
    I know you don’t cross paths with Mike at work … hoping Aaron found Abby & Kirk’s contribution in his “cubby”.

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