A week of firsts

It has been a big week of firsts for the Princess. And a few Momma moments for me. I am reminded yet again just how fortunate we are to watch Addison grow and thrive. I know every parent talks about how quickly their babes become toddlers, toddlers become school kids, on to high school and so on and so on, but I think there is just that little extra bit of amazing when your child has fought so hard to be alive.

Yes, I teared up when I took my little girl to her first ballet class – something she has been begging to do for months. Addison ran around the room fully decked out in pink tulle, jumping and twirling with a group of other three-year olds, beaming with an ear to ear grin. It was so beautiful to see how she is really just like any other preschooler. You would never know what she has gone through and continues to deal with every day of her life. Aaron and I got to watch her first “recital” on the last day of class.

photo 2-2 photo-29

This week Addison also tackled her first Grouse Grind in support of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Grind for Kids. She managed to walk up about a quarter of the way before she needed some Daddy power. Aaron and Addison were not as fast as Dr. Gandhi, our heart surgeon, but awesome effort for their first time.

It wasn’t all hard work for the Princess. She enjoyed her first spa party, hosted by her transplant buddy Grace. There were chocolate yogurt facials and mini manis (nails painted by Daddy).

Grace and Addison

Grace and Addison

Chocolate yogurt facial anyone?

Chocolate yogurt facial anyone?

Then the biggest news…so far. We now have a new bike rider in the McYong household! Aaron gives her a little push to get her started and then she just keeps pedalling. She still finds the uphills too challenging with a lot of wobbling, and she hasn’t figured out how to get started from a stop, but out little girl is riding her big girl bike all on her own!! Woohoo! The look on her face pretty much sums it all up.

Oh yeah, tomorrow is day one of preschool. Just where have these past 3 years gone?

Elaine, Aaron and Addison




8 thoughts on “A week of firsts

  1. Wahoo! year three looks pretty darn spectacular!!♡have a fantastic first day of preschool little lady – another great first☆many many more to come!

  2. How exciting!!!!! What awesome, fun, sweet, memorable firsts!!!!! A spa party?? The pics are sooooo cute! I cannot believe she’s already riding a bike on her own – I guess she takes after her daddy!!!! Maybe next year she can do part of the 100 mile race!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing some of Addie’s firsts with us!

  3. I absolutely treasure how “typical” your post is from a proud mom of a 3 year old. We are well served to remember Addison is a sweet little girl, that loves her bike, tha fact that ballet involves wearing pink & oh yeah she is a heart transplant miracle. I am happy to define her in that order!
    Abby has been in ballet for 11 years … I hope they find time to dance together one day soon.

  4. She is absolutely adorable in her pink tutu!!! She does have that smile that lights up room and the passion and drive to experience everything – life – a gift. And the big girl bike – woo hoo!

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