All aboard!

No matter how prepared I am, there is always a late-night scramble to get everything packed before we embark on another adventure. Hence the very late night post despite a 5:30am wake-up call. Tomorrow morning, we are boarding the fantastic Rocky Mountaineer for a journey to Lake Louise. While the scenery will be spectacular, it is our fellow passengers that make this trip so incredibly special. Addison is an invited guest on this year’s Train for Heroes in honour of organ donation (and that means Aaron and I get to tag along).

Rocky Mountaineer hopes to raise awareness about organ donation and they have set a lofty goal – 5000 new people registered by the end of the week. If you haven’t registered yet, please do it today. By inviting 40 people from around the world connected to donation on board this special Train for Heroes, RM wants to get people talking about this incredible gift of life. Did you know one donor can save up to eight lives? And the oldest donor in Canada was 92?

While we love connecting with other transplant families, the most honoured guests on the train will be the donor families. Without their generous gift of a second chance, where would we be today? There is no way to adequately say thank you, but I think the best way to pay respects to their strength and courage is by carrying on their loved one’s legacy and register as organ donors.

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Aaron has to come back to Vancouver as soon as we get to Lake Louise so he can get back to work, but Addison and I are going to enjoy some girl time together in beautiful Banff before we come home. I’m excited to show her the Rocky Mountains and after our Gran Fondo weekend in Whistler, I think she’s ready for more of the alpine experience. Olympic medallist and liver transplant recipient Chris Klug is on board the Train for Heroes so maybe the Princess will pick up some snowboarding tips from him?

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “All aboard!

  1. What a great thing that the Rocky Mountaineer is doing to help promote awareness about organ donation!!!!! The train ride will be spectacular, I’m sure. We definitely want to do it one day!!!!! I love the pic of Addie and the Inukshuk……..just gorgeous! Have a great time! And, have some great mommy-daughter time in Banff!!!!!!

  2. Looking forward to those photos!! So many Aussies have just done the Rocky Mountaineer it’s all I hear about once they find out I’m from Canada!

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