A life changing journey aboard the Rocky Mountaineer


The road we are on isn’t one we would wish upon any family, but life after transplant has been pretty special with so many rewards. Not only have we learned to really appreciate the moments we do have with the Princess, we’ve tried to create as many memorable moments as we can. Last week, the Rocky Mountaineer gave us yet another incredible gift – a life-changing journey with 12 other families from four countries, all connected to organ donation.

It was Rocky Mountaineer’s second annual “Life Changing Train for Heroes”. This year they choose to raise awareness for organ donation and we applaud them for taking on the challenge of signing up 5000 new donors. Most of you already know our story, but if you got to know Margaret, Kristy, Shaylynn, Max, Chris, Jackson, Scott and Marc, you would see even more transplant recipients showing the world that life can go on in so many beautiful ways. And then if you were to sit down and talk to the families of the real heroes – Jonathon, Dawn, John and Martin – you would learn that though the pain of losing their loved ones never fades, organ donation has given them comfort and moments of joy. There were many tears and hugs, especially because two of the donor families met their recipients for the first time last week in Vancouver. And there was an incredibly touching moment no one foresaw – one of our on-board attendants Jamiee revealed something she had never really shared with anyone. At the age of 19 at her father’s deathbed, she made the decision to say yes to organ donation. A real hero was already on the train before the journey even started.

We also compared notes on medications and side effects, learned what others are doing to raise awareness, and shared so much laughter and joy. I can only describe our experience as magical. While the Rocky Mountaineer is known around the world as the ultimate way to experience the beautiful scenery of BC and the Rockies, I think we found the real wonder and amazement inside the rail car. We have made friends for life.

And Addison has decided traveling in style is the way to go…she has already declared she would like a return trip aboard the Rocky Mountaineer.

Thank you to everyone at the Rocky Mountaineer who made this life-changing journey possible, with a special mention to our on-board attendants – Jamiee, Jacques, Amanda, Robyn and Zac. They truly made Addison feel like a Princess.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison




2 thoughts on “A life changing journey aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

  1. Love all the pics!!!! Sounds and looks like such a memorable trip!!! How lucky you were to experience it together with all the families!! So happy to see the princess with south happiness and laughter all around her!

  2. Wow! The pictures speak for themselves – so much life and joy on all your faces! It is amazing where the journey takes us! Thanks for sharing this experience Elaine.

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