Not sure who has the bad immune system in the McYong house…

Addison October 2014 24 16-15-13

Though some kind of nasty cold virus has been circulating around our house for the past week and a half, thankfully the Princess is still running full steam ahead. On the other hand, I have been knocked off my feet – coughing, sore throat, congestion and now no voice. Living with a preschooler is pretty difficult when you can’t talk. Addison is a chatterbox full of questions who also loves reading. All which has proven to be challenging with my squeaky whisper voice. So far, Aaron has escaped with just a little sore throat.

I have been quite paranoid about the enterovirus, on top of all the usual colds and flus, because this is Addison’s first year in preschool. As everyone warned me, school/daycare is a happy little petri dish for germs so I should brace myself for non-stop sickness. Since the beginning of September, we are right on track with that prediction – a steady cycle of snotty noses and coughing has become the norm. Addison doesn’t seem at all slowed down by any of it. She continues to run full circles around us regardless of how tired we feel. Even the time change hasn’t dampened her zest for life. Really, she amazes me constantly.

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I have a new tool in my medicine cabinet which has bought me so much peace-of-mind. This iPhone pulse oximeter measures oxygen saturation, key to knowing if the respiratory illness we are dealing with is just plugging Addison’s nose full of snot or turning her lungs into a goopy mess, as in “holy-crap-we-need-to-head-to-the-hospital-ASAP”. At $50, I think that’s a sweet bargain. Love love love this thing! (In case it sounds like an advertorial, for the record I bought and paid for this myself, plus it’s made-in-Vancouver technology…double win!)

Tomorrow, the two sickies and a sort-of healthy daddy are going to escape the grey and dreary November on the West Coast. The pulse oximeter is coming with us of course. We are back on an airplane to Hong Kong and the Philippines (hello white sand and aqua blue water!) for a mini break. Addison can’t wait to meet her new cousin Amelia, who she describes as “so chubby!” First, heading to the pharmacy to stock up on some decongestant for the flight. That’s for me.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

One thought on “Not sure who has the bad immune system in the McYong house…

  1. Oh boy!!!!!!! Glad to hear Addie is feeling fine – but sorry to hear about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope the plane ride over is OK (for all of you!). I’m sad I won’t physically be here when you guys arrive, but looking forward to seeing you when you come back from Cebu!!!!!!! Cannot wait to see you guys! 🙂 Luca says he is ready to share his toys….let’s see…..!

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