My new best day ever!! Flying elephants and princesses in HK

Addison has declared it her new best day ever. She has been thoroughly Disney-brainwashed after her first time in the Magic Kingdom. Between the princess encounters, the spinning teacups and flying Dumbo, our Princess can’t decide what her favourite part was. Our fearless adventure seeker was just tall enough to ride Space Mountain and she didn’t hesitate to jump on board her first roller coaster. I screamed way louder than her giggles.
Addison and her cousin Luca were troopers on this jam packed day. There weren’t any meltdowns and only a couple of little incidents (one for each of them) involving too-much-excitement-didn’t-make-it-to-the-potty-in-time-but-toughed-it-out-in-the-princess-lineup anyhow. Hong Kong’s Disneyland is smaller than the other parks and also a lot less busy so a good first time experience…since I am sure this was not the last time!! A great end to another McYong excellent adventure. Back to Vancouver tomorrow. Love,
Elaine, Aaron and Addison

6 thoughts on “My new best day ever!! Flying elephants and princesses in HK

  1. So nice that Princess Addison got to meet some of her fellow princesses’ royal … perfect age to enjoy the magic of Disney …. have a safe trip home …

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