Addison’s Christmas Wish List


This is the first year Addison actually “gets it” and Santa is definitely real to her. We have seen the chief elf several times now at various venues yet it’s so magical to her each and every time. Getting to experience Christmas through her eyes is pretty special. That wonder and joy is infectious. Sometimes our lives are just so darn “normal” I find it hard to believe our daughter has had a freaking heart transplant! Organ donation is such an incredible gift but it’s so much more than the initial transplant. It’s every moment that follows too.


MCP_1855There have been many discussions about what the Princess would like from Santa. It’s a pretty short list –  puzzles and socks. Specifically a bunny puzzle, a butterfly puzzle and pink socks. She was angling for a third puzzle but I explained Santa had to deliver presents for every child around the world. We settled on two puzzles and the socks.


MCP_1889For Aaron and I, the only wish we have this Christmas is the same one we’ve had the past three years and the same one we’ll have for every Christmas to come. To make transplant a cure. So here is where I am going to ask for your help once again. Please consider an end-of-year donation to the Addison Fund so we can start funding transplant research. We are in discussions with researchers now to see how we can put an end to those invasive biopsies with a simple blood test. This biomarkers test developed in Vancouver is currently in final clinical validation phase for heart transplant patients. A biomarkers test for kidney transplant patients is coming next. But all of these tests are strictly for adults, at least right now. As you know, money makes everything possible and we would love to help support a pediatric component to this research as our first Addison Fund project. So many of you have been very generous in the past and we are thankful for your ongoing love and support.

MCP_1875We had a family Christmas photo session just after we got back from our trip. Santa was at the studio and instantly transformed our cranky jet lagged Princess into a sparkling, giggling little girl. As she waved good-bye to Santa at the end of the session, she said to us, “It’s so great Santa came all the way from the North Pole just to see me!”


Elaine, Aaron and Addison

11 thoughts on “Addison’s Christmas Wish List

  1. Hi there! Love little Addison and watching all the precious moments.

    I tried to click on the Addison Fund link but it brought me to a “page not found” message. Can you send the link again? Id like to contribute. Happy holidays to you three!

  2. Elaine: I tried to contribute but your link doesn’t work. Not sure if it is my computer but could you please resend the link. Thanks Julie

  3. Thanks for fixing the link Elaine … I was about to tell you the same … What fantastic Christmas photos with Santa … I love your jammies Princess Addie … enjoy all the festivities and special family times that the holidays bring … you will treasure those moments because one day your beautiful daughter will grow up and decide it is time to spread her wings and fly … my ‘ kids ‘ are now 22 and 24 so I know whereof I speak … Merry Christmas to the McYong Clan … 🙂

  4. Omg-these photos are soooooo awesome!!!’ How cool addie got to really spend time with Santa!! But if course he’d fly from North Pole to see her!!! 🙂 xoxox

      • We are all going well. I just had my right hip replaced so now have two ‘fake’ones. LOLOL. Recovering in North Van with Gary & Morgan. I love that you and Aaron and Addison share your journey in life online. Your family is such an inspiration Elaine.
        Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas.

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