A post-Christmas discussion #donatelife

Addison Dec 2014 24 10-48-52

‘Tis the season to reflect on the past year and take some time to cherish the important things. While Addison was firmly focused on her daily chocolate advent calendar surprise and visit from Santa, we were grateful to be enjoying the greatest gift we’ll ever receive – the time to watch our daughter revel in the magic of the holidays and to experience it with her. After leaving carrots for the reindeer and cookies for Santa, the Princess was actually underwhelmed with the gift-opening part of Christmas. On Christmas Day she declared, “I’m done!” once she unwrapped the special Santa gifts and a couple of other items.

Last weekend we had a rare chance to spend time with Aaron’s side of the family on a quick weekend getaway to Victoria. Addison and her cousin Kieran are just a few months apart – they got along famously – but she wasn’t quite as enamoured with her little cousin Graeme. “I don’t like that little boy!” was her comment. Generally she’s only a fan of kids who are her age or older, or the little babies who don’t “bother” her too much. After some cajoling, she was willing to tolerate his presence. 🙂

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A special thank you to everyone who has made a generous donation to the Addison Fund. We appreciate your contributions towards supporting transplant research. (And if you haven’t donated yet, you still have five days to get a 2014 tax receipt!)

So now that the presents are unwrapped (mostly), the turkey turned into leftover sandwiches and soup, and the Boxing Day shopping done, how about a frank discussion with your loved ones about organ donation? I know death is a taboo subject in our society, though I’m not sure why. We are all going to die. Simple fact. But even if your greatest wish in death is to be an organ donor and even if you have registered that intention, your family can veto that decision during the final moments of your life. In BC (and all of Canada), the family has the ultimate power to say yes or no to organ donation. However, studies show if the potential donor made their wishes clear while they were alive and well, whether through registration or a conversation, 90% of families allow that donation to proceed. Please take five minutes this weekend and have that talk. Register as an organ donor HERE (for BC residents) if you haven’t done so already. Wouldn’t you want to save lives if you could?

Elaine, Aaron and Addison


4 thoughts on “A post-Christmas discussion #donatelife

  1. I see Addison got her pink socks. Now there is a child who likes the simpler things in life. I’ve been a registered organ donor for many years. Why they would want any of my old tired organs is beyond me but nevertheless they can have them. 🙂
    Happy New Year to everyone in your household.

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