Happy ❤ Day!

Addison February 2015 14 16-17-06

Addison is in love with Valentine’s Day. I’m sure it’s partly our fault since we have a major heart obsession in the McYong household. Anatomical hearts are our favourites of course but we are big fans of the usual ones too. The Princess has been talking about V-Day non-stop for the past few weeks so this morning when she got up nice and early at 6:50am, she slipped out of her bed and immediately ran into our room bearing the heart craft she had made a few days earlier. She had hid it in her closet so we wouldn’t see it, with strict instructions from our babysitter only to reveal it on Saturday. Truth be told, she pulled it out to show it to me the minute Daisy left that day. That’s a three-year-old’s version of keeping a surprise.

Hope you are taking this day to celebrate every kind of love.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison



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