Chinese New Year according to Addison

Cousins at CNY eve dinner

Cousins at CNY eve dinner

Last night, a dragon came to visit our house. He is red and lives in China. He knows how to walk very quietly and he can open doors too. I’m not sure if he breathes fire but he supposedly makes a mean xiao long bao (juicy steamed bun) which he carries on his back while he’s flying all the way to Canada. To be more precise, the McYong house. But this dragon isn’t just our personal dragon. He apparently visits many houses on Chinese New Year’s Eve, except of course for the homes of those people who don’t like dragons because not everyone likes dragons.

Wow look what the dragon brought!

img 8396

I wasn’t sure if a dragon who has to fly 10,000 kilometres might get hungry and eat his cargo of xiao long bao en route but I have been told in no uncertain terms that of course he always eats before he leaves China. And after eating his dinner there would have been a crowd of people to come out and wave good-bye as he left on his grand round-the-world Chinese New Year adventure.

Hey this dragon shops at Purdy's too!

Hey this dragon shops at Purdy’s too!

This is Chinese New Year according to the ever-imaginative Princess. She seems convinced her Lao Lao (aka grandmother) told her about the dragon so she often needs to check in with her on the finer details. Like exactly what time does the dragon actually arrive? Lao Lao thinks this is very amusing and plays right along. But she raises a good point – what will Addison think when she asks other kids if the dragon came to visit them on CNY and they look at her blankly?

Mmmmm...xiao long bap for breakfast courtesy the CNY dragon.

Mmmmm…xiao long bao for breakfast courtesy the CNY dragon.

Maybe our new tradition will catch on. Easter has the Easter bunny, Christmas gets Santa Claus. Why shouldn’t Chinese New Year come with a (friendly) xiao-long-bao-carrying dragon?

Happy Year of the Sheep!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison


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