Wahoo! Guess who is the big 4 today?? #lifeaftertransplant

Addison March 2015 28 14-41-30

There has been nothing but birthday talk around the McYong house the past few days. “Three sleeps until my birthday momma!” “I’m almost 4!!” And then the most important question, “What happens after my birthday??”

While the Princess is excited about the ballerina cake, the birthday party garden project with her little friends, dim sum with her family and the Transplant Trot, I am humbled and amazed we are able to celebrate like a ‘normal’ family. Once again, it’s just one more milestone, one more year, one more party, one more reason to eat cake… that we may not have ever had. I am so grateful we have been able to spend these past four years watching our baby grow up into a funny little girl so full of personality (as maddening as it can be at times), with such curiosity. I desperately want another four years, and then fourteen more after that, topped off with 44 x 44 years. There are times when my heart aches when I remember all that Addison has lived through, and the uncertain future she faces.

But today is all about living in the moment. Today is about the little girl who is the centre of my world getting to be  a Princess for a day – though who’s kidding, she pretty much rules the kingdom every day. Today is about celebrating the wonderful gift of organ donation with Team Addison and dozens of fellow recipients, donors, and donor families at the Transplant Trot. Today is about revelling in laughter and joy. Today is about sprinkles and pink icing.

Here’s the simple answer to the most important question, “What happens after my birthday??” We keep on living life as large as we can.

Happy 4th birthday my sweetheart.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

7 thoughts on “Wahoo! Guess who is the big 4 today?? #lifeaftertransplant

  1. Happy, happy birthday to you Addison- many very happy and
    Healthy returns of thd day. You and for family are inspirational!

  2. Happy Birthday to us. I’m so happy to share the same date. We enjoy all the little stories about you, and of course, especially your cute, cute pictures. Best Wishes to your whole family. xox

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful Addison. And many many many many many many uncontrollably more. We love you so very much Addison.

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