Life as a 4 year old

Addison April 2015 12 10-17-20

With one last piece of birthday cake left in the fridge and a couple of pink foil balloons floating around our house, the celebrations aren’t quite over yet. The Princess is enjoying all the newfound wisdom that four years of life experience brings. She had agreed the ripe old age of four would be perfect for launching a “no-carry” policy. That didn’t last a week. Already, she has emphatically suggested we should carry her “just a little bit”.

It was a fantastic day surrounded by lots of family and friends…the best way to mark a milestone. The Transplant Trot had a record turnout this year of over 500 registered participants. I’d like to think they just all wanted to sing Happy Birthday to Addison but I’m ok if they were really there to honour organ donors and recipients. The afternoon birthday party at GardenWorks was a huge hit. Getting your hands dirty with paint and worm poo? Excellent!

Thank you for all of your warm birthday wishes and continuous love. We wouldn’t have made it here without you.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

PS If you missed the Global BC story on the Transplant Trot you can watch it HERE.


6 thoughts on “Life as a 4 year old

  1. Oh wow! Looks like such a wonderful day – the Transplant Trot and party at Gardenworks! SO MUCH FUN!!!!! Love the group t-shirts for the walk, as well as the tie-dye shirts while gardening!
    Cannot believe all the other kids too – Adam, Issac and Grace – SO BIG! And Tegan. Time flies!!!!!! XOXOX Cannot wait to hang out thsi summer!

  2. That’s a lot of kids! What a great birthday party idea. Looks like my little one and Addison have the same fashion sense…PINK! And yes, Addison, a little bit of carrying after 4 is entirely acceptable 😉

  3. Hello! So happy to hear Addison continues to blossom. Our school is doing Jump Rope for the Heart an Stroke Foundation. I Shared Addison’s story with my Grade 6 class. We decided if student did not have any one to JUMP for they could jump for Addison. Next Friday most of my Grade 6 class will be jumping for Addison.
    Lillian Albrecher
    St. Bernadette School

  4. looks like everyone had a wonderful time 🙂 I can’t get over the clothes the toddlers wear these days, my granddaughters wear the same and I cannot get used to it lol

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