#48in48 goes Canada-wide! But really it all started with Addison…

Come on let's do it! #48in48

Come on let’s do it! #48in48

When I stop and think about my life PA and PT (that’s post-Addison and post-transplant, though I suppose it should be PAT for post-Addison’s-transplant), I am momentarily awed about how much meaning and purpose I have found. While becoming a parent makes you see the world completely different, having a child who is here only because of the incredible generosity of another family really changes your perspective. I have a mission.

Thanks to my donor Audrey I can dream about going to outer space!

Thanks to my donor Audrey I can dream about going to outer space!

Thanks to my donor Audrey I can race bikes with my daddy!

…and I can race bikes with my daddy!

On Monday at 7am PST, Global News and the transplant authorities in every province across Canada launched #48in48 to register 48,000 organ donors in 48 hours. I have always loved my job as a reporter with Global BC, but no exclusive stories, awards or accolades have ever made me more proud than this campaign. And I like to think it all started with Addison. She is the reason why I am compelled to advocate for organ donation and transplant research.

Technically, the registration-a-thon idea came from Peggy John, media relations with BC Transplant, who mentioned it to me last year before Organ Donation Awareness Week as a “one day I would love to…” Well I thought there was no better time than now. Thankfully, the people in charge at Global BC agreed. In 2014, the 48-hour blitz and aftermath saw more than 7000 British Columbians registered – that’s more than BC Transplant gets online in an entire year.

Yeah! Getting new people on the registry is as good as marshmallows!!

Yeah! Getting new people on the registry is as good as marshmallows!!

A few months ago when Peggy contacted me to say all the provincial transplant authorities were keen to join together for a national registration campaign, I pleaded the case with station management once again. Now five months later and here we are.

So come on, let’s do it for Addison, her heart buddy Cody who has been on the list for more than 18 months, and the other 450+ British Columbians who are desperately waiting. Tell all your friends, talk about it at work, bring it up at the school playground, and discuss organ donation with your family.

I've got my eyes on you...are you registered?

I’ve got my eyes on you…are you registered?

#48in48 We can do it together!!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison



4 thoughts on “#48in48 goes Canada-wide! But really it all started with Addison…

  1. We have been registered for years. It is a living gift which you can provide someone with but as hard as that is, you will always hold in your heart knowing your family member lives on through others. Why not give?

  2. Our family of 4 has been registered for years … as a former liver/ lung transplant unit nurse I know the value of organ donation. I also have 3 close friends that benefited from the gift of life – a nursing colleague received a liver at age 28 and is thriving at 60, another nurse who received a double lung and heart in her early 30’s lived to see her newborn reach teen years before she passed on and a dear friend who received a live kidney donation via her husband 18 months ago is thriving once again … these are the true miracles of medicine and life and that is why I always take every opportunity to discuss organ donation with others … HUGS to you Elaine … as you, Aaron and Addison continue forth as the messengers and advocates for change … and GO Princess Addie ! ❤

  3. Thank you for being the best spokespeople. Because of Addison and you and aaron, I’ve also been spending the word here in Hong Kong, and to my friends around the world…and will continue to do so….. Proud of all of you,and especially to Felicia, who is forever advocating and raising awareness about the choice she made 4 years ago….XOXOX

  4. What a great job you are doing raising awareness. I read Addison, as your wonderful sister posted about it on Hong Kong moms today. I was compelled to respond, as my teenage daughter is alive and well today because of a little boy who sadly drowned and gave his liver to her as a baby. It’s a gift we will never forget. May your journey be as successful and relatively complication free as ours has been x

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