Four years post-transplant! Happy ❤iversary!!

addison's heart  228

Close to midnight on May 7, 2011 as Addison is taken away for her transplant surgery.

As I’ve been doing my usual this week – driving to work, playing Lego with Addison, making dinner – I find myself pausing at odd moments with a flashback of where I was four years ago. Four years ago, Addison was struggling to live. Four years ago, Aaron and I were rudely ripped from the naivety of first-time parenthood and thrust into an entirely new world no one ever imagines when they have children. Four years ago, we weren’t sure if our family would make it to the next hour, let alone the next day.

Waiting for a miracle.

Waiting for a miracle.

Even after we received the miracle we so desperately wanted for our newborn baby, on Mother’s Day 2011, there were major complications. Though our surgeon tried to offer us some hope, you could tell by his grim face this was going to be a tough slog back for our seven pound fighter.

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Addison defied all the odds. Today we celebrate four incredible years with our Princess. Four years we never would have had without Audrey’s beautiful gift. Her heart is strong, full of energy, with a boundless supply of mischief and curiosity. There is empathy and generosity too.

There is always time to stop and smell the flowers.

There is always time to stop and smell the flowers.

I asked the Princess how she wanted to celebrate her ❤iversary. She decided on brownies. So that’s what we’re having for our special treat. Several months ago I was talking to my youngest sister, lamenting the fact that while we try really hard not to spoil Addison, we don’t always do a good job of setting limits. Jen’s response has stuck with me: “Look, at least you have her here to spoil so who cares? Why NOT spoil her?” Why not indeed. In that case, how about brownies with ice cream and sprinkles on top?

Elaine, Aaron and Addison


5 thoughts on “Four years post-transplant! Happy ❤iversary!!

  1. Happy 4th ❤️iversary!!!! I will never forget this moment…little Addison is such an amazing big girl-so much personality and life!! She deserves whatever her strong little heart desires!!! XOXOX enjoy those brownies and all of life’s little pleasures!

  2. What a wonderful reason to have brownies and all the trimmings!! It has been such a privilege to share a Iittle of this journey with you. Happy happy anniversary!

  3. Happy 4 heart i versary Addison, Elaine and Aaron. I will never forget receiving the call from the surgeon that a heart was accepted and the transplant procedure would take place the next day. I can still feel the feelings that overcame me in the next few minutes. I couldn’t believe that a mother was going to receive the gift of life on Mother’s day how amazing was that. I was also struck by the overwhelming sadness that a Mother was also going to loose a life that day. What an amazing Journey!

  4. Happy 4 years post transplant Addison , Aaron, and Elaine. We are so far away but Ill bet if you listen real hard with your hearts you will hear our entire family cheering you all along the way. The Lord knew how much our family needed this transplant to take place so He aligned the stars in just the right order from the moment Felicia was telling me something was wrong with Audrey all the way to Addisons release from the hospital with her new heart and everything in between and the past four marvellous years. I sit her in a puddle of tears, tears of sadness for who was lost and tears of joy for who was saved. What an amazing journey and I am humbled to be privileged to be a small part of it all. I love you all. Please give Addison a huge hug from Grandma Pam.

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