Back at the hospital…for fun!

My cousin Manny and the apple.

My cousin Manny and the apple.

A lot can happen in four years and May 2015 certainly turned out a lot different than May 2011. Though we had two visits to the hospital, both occasions were about giving back and had nothing to do with medical stuff. That’s coming in June and July.

Putting on a show for my friends.

Putting on a show for my friends.

Earlier in the month we took part in Nurses Week with a special team from BC Transplant (and bearing gifts of chocolate thanks to the generosity of Rocky Mountain Chocolates). It was a chance to say thank you to all the fantastic nurses from BCCH who look after the Princess and all the other transplant kids in our province. Some of the nurses in the ICU had not seen Addison since she was a newborn fighting for her life. Seeing their emotional reactions made me tear up, just realizing how far our little girl has come. We ❤ all of our nurses!!

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Then this past weekend Addison stole the show in her fourth appearance at Miracle Weekend, the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation annual telethon. “Please give me your money for the sick kids!” How can you say no to that? Though she spent more time playing with her BFF Teagan rather than actually working the cameras, she was definitely a superstar.

We are back at the hospital in two weeks…and not for fun. It’s Addison’s annual biopsy – something I definitely dread and appreciate at the same time. All her biopsies have been zero rejection so far and that’s always a huge relief. Yet the procedure, with the anesthetic and potential risks, makes me tense. We are ever so hopeful this might be the last biopsy for at least a couple of years. I have been trying to explain to Addison what happens during a biopsy. She seems to think it’s all good because there are Popsicles afterwards.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

4 thoughts on “Back at the hospital…for fun!

  1. It is fantastic to see Princess Addie doing so well and just being a kid ! Best wishes with the biopsy procedure and result … hope Addie gets lots of colourful popsicles during her stay. I have been one of those teary eyed nurses when one of our patients returned months or years later to visit … seeing that is what keeps us going on those really LONG 12 hour night shifts … and oh yeah … coffee … LOTS of coffee. 😉

  2. Happiness to you. Happiness to us too Desiree graduates Friday from high school. We are over joyed grandmother Juliette

  3. Love all the photos showing the fun times and gratitude for all the love, care and support the nurses at BCCH provide(d) for Addie and all the other sick kids! It’s not surprising that Addie was a superstar for the Miracle Weekend! 🙂 Good luck with the biopsy in two weeks…..I guess we’ll be there just after it’s done!!!! Love you guys!

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