In training for the Recycle Ride – take 2 of the insane #GoldenSombrero ride!

Addison May 2015 30 18-27-08

Now that Addison is becoming a proficient little cyclist, even powering uphill on her own and using hand brakes when zooming downhill (though to be honest my heart still stops a little and I often run behind just an arm length away from grabbing on), it won’t be long before she is riding alongside Aaron on the Recycle Ride, aka the Golden Sombrero.

Addison May 2015 30 18-29-45

Remember last year’s crazy 100 mile bike ride Aaron and his buddy Adam decided was a good idea?? Well they had so much fun they’re doing it again. Of course this isn’t just an exercise in self-torture. This is all about raising money for the Addison Pediatric Transplant Research Project. We are less than $4000 away from funding our very first Venture Grant!!! Help us get there so we can start finding the answers that will one day turn transplant into a cure.

We are looking for more riders to join us on Sunday July 26. (Find all the event details HERE.) If the Golden Sombrero is just too daunting, we also have a mini 50km version with just one (and a half) big climb. And if you would really rather poke your eyes out than ride up a giant mountain, we’ll happily take volunteers on the support team. Or at the very least send us your donations. 🙂

Golden Sombrero Ride for Research

Golden Sombrero Ride for Research 2014

This is a completely grassroots event. There isn’t a formal registration form, nor do we have big sponsors. Just Addison’s piggybank to raid for the food and supplies. We were hoping to have a more official event this year but alas that will have to wait until next year and a crash course in better time management.

We are also ordering Team Addison cycling jerseys, which are based upon the custom jersey I had made for Aaron a couple of years ago. (OMG look at how little Addison is in the pics!!) You can find all the info HERE, but please note the tight deadline for ordering: MONDAY JUNE 8.

Addison July 2013 21 at 10-31-48Addison July 2013 21 at 10-32-22

We hope to see you on July 26!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

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