Thanks goodness for Popsicles! It’s Biopsy Day

For the past week or so, Addison has been telling everyone, with great excitement, she is going to the hospital to get her heart checked out, and then she’ll get to eat lots of Popsicles and watch TV. Gotta love her enthusiasm.

As she gets older, we try really hard to explain everything in detail so there is no fear of the unknown. it helps that she is really fascinated with the human body right now so we have been doing a lot of reading about how all the different parts work. I know some people think kids don’t really understand complex ideas but I am constantly surprised by how much the Princess seems to get it. When we talked about getting special medicine that will help her sleep she asked me if her lungs would still be breathing while she is sleeping. Rather insightful right?

Let’s face it…hospital frequent fliers probably have a greater grasp of these kinds of things anyhow. Wise beyond their years but so sad this is their reality. Addison doesn’t cry anymore when she goes for blood.

So while I dread the whole rigamarole of the biopsy – and all the potential complications that come along with the process – Addison’s attitude makes it much easier to drag her to the hospital bright and early with no breakfast. And anyhow, who needs breakfast when there are Popsicles?

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

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