And the biopsy results are in… #kickingrejectioninthebutt

Trying to figure out a way to explain rejection to a four year old has been interesting. Never ever imagined this would be normal conversation in our household. There is no book for these situations and it calls for some creativity. I came up with this: rejection is when your new heart and body get into a big fight. When the doctor takes little tiny pieces of your heart he looks at them really closely to make sure there is no sign of fighting, which is a zero. Not too bad right? The Princess seemed to understand.

I’ll just let Addison tell you the results in her own way…

Woohoo!!! Doing the happy zero dance around the McYong household. It’s always a huge relief when we’ve jumped through yet another hurdle.

Thank you for all your support and words of encouragement. We couldn’t do it without you.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

11 thoughts on “And the biopsy results are in… #kickingrejectioninthebutt

  1. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy to hear!!! I love the zee-wo sing and dance. The umbrella really enhances the performance! Love it! Cannot wait to celebrate together!!

  2. Ahh just love the little bow at the end haha. I’ve never commented before, but Addison is the dearest little girl. I stumbled across your blog about a week after her transplant was successful – I started reading from the beginning and had so many moments of terror and joy reading your journey since.

    I had never given a lot of thought to organ donation – typical in the way that we often don’t think of things unless they affect us personally – but you might be happy to know that I’ve since registered as one myself, along with my family and several friends. You also made me think about what I would do should I be in the unthinkable position of considering paediatric donation.

    Addison’s message has reached Australia! Thank you for sharing your life with us.

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