Why we ride the RecycleRide.com

A day of appointments at BC Children’s Hospital is a good reminder of why Aaron is riding another 160 kilometres next weekend in our grassroots RecycleRide.com. Along with the usual blood work, echo, ECH and transplant clinic, we have the added fun of Addison’s annual GFR nuclear medicine kidney function test.

Yes it was her heart that was the problem, not the kidneys. But the strict regime of harsh anti-rejection drugs takes a toll on the body. Unfortunately kidney failure is not uncommon amongst transplant patients. Wouldn’t it be nice if we never had to contemplate the possibility of a future kidney transplant??? Wouldn’t it be incredible if there was no need for all those drugs and the ensuing side effects?

Research will provide the answers. We are confident of that. And that’s why we ride. Join us on Sunday, July 26 or please support us with a donation. https://goo.gl/mLLVqh
Elaine, Aaron and Addison

3 thoughts on “Why we ride the RecycleRide.com

  1. Good luck today at the hospital. It’s so sad to see a picture of Addison crying – she is always happy, smiling, being cheeky and so brave in all the photos you post…the one of her crying is a hard one to look at!
    I’m glad we will actually be here for the Recycle Ride on Sunday! Cannot wait to support in person!

  2. seeing Addison in tears, made me want to as well. She is such a happy go lucky little girl. She is growing so fast. Thinking of you Addison 🙂

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