In training for the #WorldTransplantGames in Argentina #organdonation #lifeaftertransplant

I think the shirt is rather appropriate!

I think the shirt is rather appropriate!

We are just days away from a McYong family adventure, but this is one I can truly say is extra special. On Thursday morning, we leave for Argentina where Addison will be competing in her first (and definitely not last) World Transplant Games. Now she is taking this quite seriously – practising her running at every opportunity, eating healthy, cross-training and hitting the high school track near our house for track work and long jump attempts. We have received our Team Canada uniform, which is a little on the large size…definitely not meant for a four year old…but there really aren’t many transplant recipients her age who compete. Almost ready to go, except for the cleaning and packing.

Most people have never even heard of the WTG and frankly, neither had I before Addison’s heart transplant. When I found out about it, and saw there was a competition for children five and under, I knew “maybe one day” we would go. That “maybe” was my hesitation in planning long-term for my baby girl’s future. Who knew what the next day would bring, let alone two, three or even four years? But I am so grateful we are now at the “maybe”. Addison is healthy and strong. She can run, jump, dance, swim, ride a bike. We think of our donor Audrey and her mom Felicia with awe and wonder – you made this all possible.

So now the Princess is ready to bring home some gold for Team Canada. She will be competing in the 25 meter run, long jump and ball throw. We will be sure to post pictures and hopefully video. You can follow along on Twitter @weheartaddison, Instagram @elaineyongyvr, Team Canada’s Facebook page and right here.

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The ecstasy of victory!!

The ecstasy of victory!!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

9 thoughts on “In training for the #WorldTransplantGames in Argentina #organdonation #lifeaftertransplant

  1. Ohh Addison. So proud of you. Hugs. Can’t wait to see pictures of u and all the participants. Our little miracle

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  2. I am so thrilled for all of you. Addison will make a great contribution to team Canada, just being there! We will be here cheering her on! Happy games and Happy travels.

  3. wow … fantastic news Addie … have fun with Team Canada … I have a friend who went to nursing school with me …. she had a liver transplant in 1984 and has attended these events ever since … she always describes them as life changing and the event of a lifetime … hope you add many new memories to your scrapbook …. safe travels to you and the family ! 🙂

  4. SOOOOOO excited for all of you and can’t wait to be there with you witnessing this miracle in action!!! ❤ GO TEAM ADDISON AND TEAM CANADA!!!! (I have my Kleenex ready!)

  5. I’m so excited for all of you to have the opportunity to go to the world transplant games. How cool!!!!! In totally not surprised that Addison has been practicing. Love the video of her long jump!! Cannot wait to see more pics and videos!!! Xoxox safe travels!

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