New adventures in Argentina…and beyond #lifeaftertransplant #organdonationworks


We have been going non-stop since leaving the World Transplant Games (and Addison’s double gold medal performances), touring all over Argentina. This is a huge country and we are doing the equivalent of Banff, Vancouver and Niagara Falls, plus New York City, all in two weeks. Not sure what we were thinking when planning the itinerary! The adults are completely exhausted at the end of each day while Addison continues to wake up every morning with gusto, and that just continues all day. Seriously this girl just keeps going and going and going.



We have gotten up close and personal with huge southern right whales off the northern Patagonian coast, and witnessed massive chunks of ice calving off giant glaciers on the Andean side of Patagonia. Tomorrow we start heading back north to warmer climes, which means we can pack away the down jackets, toques and mitts for good. It is winter down here and we have been spending a lot of time in the colder parts of the country. We have a few nights in the Ibera wetlands before heading up to Iguazu Falls, and then to Brazil and Rio de Janeiro before heading home.

IMG_1135 IMG_1149

But there will be new adventures when we get home, especially for me. Our last day of vacation will also be my last day at Global BC. I have taken a position at Providence Health as the media relations person – a huge change after 20 years in news, but an exciting opportunity to make a difference in a new way. St. Paul’s Hospital is the adult heart transplant centre in BC (amongst many other excellent medical programs) so I think it’s a natural fit for my skills, interest and expertise. I will surely miss being in a newsroom and my colleagues, but Addison has been the best supporter through all of it. When I told her I got the job she hugged me and said, “I knew you’d get the job! Now you and Daddy can both be home at bedtime!!” Aaron will be going back to reporting during the daytime so our family schedule will again be readjusted, but I think to everyone’s benefit. After three years of putting Addison to bed by myself Monday to Friday every week, plus Aaron at home with her solo every morning, we are all looking forward to this.


First, we need to continue our adventures here in South America! 10 days left to go…

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

5 thoughts on “New adventures in Argentina…and beyond #lifeaftertransplant #organdonationworks

  1. Wow – sounds like a great adventure for everyone. You will be greatly missed at Global Elaine. You are an excellent reporter and bring a breathe of fresh air to the news. Providence Health is very lucky to have you! Good luck in your new job and until then…..enjoy that well deserved vacation. Cheers, Julie

  2. What a fabulous adventure for the 3 of you … we will miss you on Global Elaine, but wish you the very best in your new role … no doubt raising awareness in the community and advocating for positive change for transplant patients in B.C. … Addie will love having the 2 of you around at the same time … she is at that exciting age where everything is an adventure … ❤

  3. What an amazing adventure!!! You guys are definitely going all out seeing and doing so much!! That’s the Yong way!!!! Enjoy guys!!!

  4. Congratulations on your new job! I know you will do well and I’m happy to see that Aaron will be able to spend the evenings with both of you. Big life changes for everyone. I’ll miss seeing you doing your health reports as you were always able to bring a good perspective to whatever you were reporting. Good luck to everyone and enjoy the rest of your trip.

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