The “new normal” is nice. #lifeaftertransplant

Addison Sept 2015 27 at 16-23-01

Has it really only been three weeks since we got back from our month-long trip to Argentina and Brazil?? There was no down time at all – we landed at YVR on a Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning Addison started her second year of preschool, Aaron went to work, and I went to my new job at Providence Health Care for the first day ever. Since then, there has been a clinic appointment, audiology check-up, birthday party for Momma (all Addison’s idea, though somehow Aaron and I got stuck with preparing all the food and then cleaning up), apple picking, plus the usual extras when your house is ruled by a slightly crazy four-year old.

The best part is our “new normal” is becoming even more normal. At clinic, our cardiologist and a visiting heart transplant cardiologist from SickKids in Toronto told us that Addison’s consistent big fat zeros from her biopsies mean we no longer need to do any more biopsies, expect on an as-needed basis!! This means no more dreaded annual all-day affair complete with a heavy dose of anesthetic. Woohoo!!!! And we are now at six months between transplant clinic appointments. What??! Seems so strange to have such a long stretch between visits. But a nice strange. We still need bloodwork every six weeks, though the Princess doesn’t even cry most of the time. All in all, it’s pretty fantastic.

We are also now firmly entrenched in cold and flu season. Addison has already had a couple of sniffly snotty episodes, but she seems to be bouncing back without much drama. I am just hoping this will continue through the rest of the fall and winter. While I remain hyper vigilant of germs with the sound of someone hacking or snotting prompting me to run for my hand sanitizer, Aaron insists his lack of paranoia brings in just the right amount of germs so Addison can build up some resistance and her immune system. Hmmm…still not convinced!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison


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