Inspiring #donatelife #lifeaftertransplant

It’s kind of an overused word these days, and one that I have often thrown out there when talking about Addison. Of course I am completely biased because in my mom-coloured glasses, the Princess is pretty darn special. (Except maybe this morning when she threw a tantrum because she didn’t want to wear her school sweater.) Well I am so proud to tell you Addison’s gold-winning 25 metre run at the World Transplant Games in Argentina has been chosen for the Top 15 Moments in Canadian Sport for 2015 as “Most Inspiring”. (Watch it here).


When we found out last week, I teared up. This transplant journey is fraught with many ups and downs…these past couple of months we have lost two members of our extended transplant family, including one of Addison’s Team Canada teammates. They are stark reminders transplant is not a cure. It is a treatment. And we need to embrace all the bonus moments…big and small…we have been given through this extraordinary gift of life.

Be the inspiration!

Elaine, Aaron and Addison


3 thoughts on “Inspiring #donatelife #lifeaftertransplant

  1. That’s just awesome ! You never cease to amaze and inspire us Addison … you GO girl … set the world on fire with your joie de vivre … ❤

  2. That is so awesome!!!! Addison and you guys ARE inspiring!!! So cool to be recognized!! Congratulations! Addison is definitely one special little girl!! Xoxox

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