We ❤ Addison chocolate bars – perfect for Christmas gift giving!

Addison Nov 2015 12 at 12-51-32

So the good news is we are taking orders for those delicious We ❤ Addison bars just in time for Christmas gift-giving, and we have them in awesome DARK chocolate. However, the bad news is I have been delinquent in posting and the deadline for getting your order in is this Tuesday December 1 by 9am. Sorry!! I just came back from a trip to Toronto to take part in the Canadian National Transplant Research Program patient engagement workshop so I have a little excuse…and it was all about transplant research.

100% of the proceeds from the We ❤ Addison bars goes right to pediatric transplant research. Check out all the details below.

addison bars christmas order jpg

Elaine, Aaron and Addison

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