The best part of Christmas #lifeaftertransplant #organdonation

Vancouver Holiday Photography

When you are four, the best part about Christmas probably is the presents. But when you are the parents of a four year old who is here only because of the most incredible gift of all, the best part of Christmas is just being able to celebrate it together as a family. We stopped doing the present thing amongst our families a long time ago and maybe it was foreshadowing to emphasize the point that the real magic in this holiday can’t be put under the tree.

So as you are surrounded by friends and family over this holiday season, we ask you to take a few minutes to talk about the most selfless gift you could ever give – signing up as an organ donor. You are never too young or too old, every major religion supports it, and you are far more likely to need an organ than be able to give an organ. Only one out of every five people in BC is registered. We know people, young and older, who are desperately waiting right now.

This morning (thankfully not too early) we were able to watch the delight in Addison’s eyes as she ran to the tree, truly believing Santa had stopped by in the middle of the night to bring her one special gift. He also left behind a plate of cookie crumbs, mostly-finished glass of milk, and his reindeer clearly enjoyed the carrots. The Princess only asked for two things this year – a Frozen princess castle Lego set from Santa, and a planet memory game. Of course she got both…plus many other gifts from friends and family. We also got a special hand-made work of art from Addison, though it’s so huge I’m still trying to figure out where to hang it. 🙂  She is truly so lucky. And we are even luckier.

I hope you spend today surrounded by those you love, taking time to truly remember what makes this season so special. We are thinking about our donor Audrey and her family down in Nevada, and all of those we know here in BC who are still waiting for their second chances at life.

Merry Christmas! Love,
Elaine, Aaron and Addison
Vancouver Holiday Photography


7 thoughts on “The best part of Christmas #lifeaftertransplant #organdonation

  1. So glad you guys are having such a happy celebration!!! That’s an impressive (and large) painting Addison has made for you guys!!! So cute!!! Xoxox

  2. Merry Christmas to all of you and heartfelt wishes for a healthy New Year.
    At Christmas dinner tonight, I am going to ask how many of us are organ donors.
    Katyann. X

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