2016 – looking ahead to a milestone year #lifeaftertransplant #HappyNewYear


Though I can’t say 2016 in the McYong household started with a bang – Addison was asleep by 9pm, I watched a mindless action flick, and Aaron was at work – let that in no way be a reflection of the year to come. In a few months, Addison will be turning five years old, followed shortly by her 5th heart-iversary, and then kindergarten! To be honest, there were many moments early in our journey when I didn’t think we’d get here, or at least it seemed like the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest. Now we are deep in the throes of weighty discussions such as what kind of cake does the Princess want for her birthday party, and which school should we consider? Our little miracle baby is growing up pretty darn fast.

MCP-0268 MCP-0326 MCP-0314

I’m not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions. I’d rather think of them as a “to-do” list. There are the big ones that have become more of a life philosophy – make the most of every moment, live life to the fullest, cherish good health – and then there’s the mission we have adopted to raise awareness about organ donation and support pediatric transplant research. On those two fronts we do have a few important things to accomplish…organize an even bigger and better Recycle Ride, sell even more We ❤ Addison chocolate bars, and along the way reach our goal of another $25,000 for the Addison Pediatric Transplant Research Project.

MCP-0356 MCP-0361

I also want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us in 2015 with your kind words, love, prayers, and donations. We have been so touched. Take the We ❤ Heart Addison chocolate bars as the perfect example. With the generous help of Daniel le Chocolate Belge, we launched the original milk chocolate bar in August, with all proceeds going to the Addison Project. Then we brought on the dark chocolate bar in November, just in time for Christmas. Well I am proud to tell you we have sold more than 800 of them in those few months!!! We hope to sell even more this year and will have them available all year round – Valentine’s Day, Easter, wedding favours etc – so we can accommodate anyone’s chocolate craving. 🙂 If you are on Granville Island, you’ll find them at my friend Tamara’s awesome little shop, the Delish General Store.


We hope your new year is full of all the things that will pave the way for an awesome next 12 months.

Elaine, Aaron and Addison



3 thoughts on “2016 – looking ahead to a milestone year #lifeaftertransplant #HappyNewYear

  1. I love this final photo of your post. So many of us take forever to appreciate how special life is! You guys rock. Happy new year, and many more.

  2. Beautiful family photos of you three!!! Love them!!! Looking forward to a great 2016-filled with lots of happiness and fun times together!!! Proud of Addison and you and aaron for all that you do. Xoxox

  3. Beautiful photos of your family! I wish we could sell the chocolates on this continent… hmmmm must put my thinking cap on about that…

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